EZ Hybrid Sweater Days 3 and 4 (and today – day 5)

EZ Hybrid sweater

Day 3: Am in back hole. Body somehow only 13 1/2″. Have ordered needles.

Day 4: Needles on their way. Go to knitting. Get body to 18″. Have to stop and knit something else.

Day 5: Needles arrive. Start sleeve. Wonder if it is too small even though I’m using the percentages method? Knit about 3″ and then leave for W to try when he gets home from work.  Take on large, time specific project (that I will talk about in the next few days), and suddenly have lots of other things to do. Realise I would like to finish jumper regardless. Worry at own sanity.

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2 thoughts on “EZ Hybrid Sweater Days 3 and 4 (and today – day 5)

  1. The knitting black hole sucks.

    I finally made it to the split on Tatami.

    Is there a pattern error? I changed the pattern so that either side of the split it goes k1,p1,k1, so they are symmetrical. In the pattern it says something slightly different…

    …the garage/studio project is wrecking my head already.

    And… I have some WordPress questions for you.
    Am excited about your time-specific project!
    Might try giving you a call later?


  2. …and in terms of actually commenting on your post – WOW! – you are whizzing along on this project! It’s incredible! Hope it does all fit in the end.
    It’s perfect colour for W and just feels like this great, Gardening and home-brewing kind of man-of-Earth sweater.

    Bring it on!! And I hope your needles come soon x

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