EZ Hybrid Sweater Day 6 (today)


Continuation of Day 5: W cooked dinner. *hearts him* He did the washing up as well. This left me to collapse in front of episodes of Black Books (end of series 3, and then the beginning of series 2. No, i don’t know why i did that either), and really get to work on the first sleeve, since it proved to be the right width.

The raised lines are twisted stitched where the needles change over. They should come out with blocking (she says.)

Day 6: Sleeve is 17″ having been knitted on the bus on the way home from town. I will do a little bit more after i finish my sandwich. It would be lovely to get a big chunk of the second sleeve done this evening.

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4 thoughts on “EZ Hybrid Sweater Day 6 (today)

    1. erm… because i read it was a way of making sure that you didn’t get loose grooves from where you changed needles. it tightens the change-overs.

      1. I just move the joins by one stitch every round, works for me.
        I’m loving the progress reports- I need to avoid Anthony seeing this- he quite fancies one of his own, and if you’re going to zoom through one at that rate…

  1. Mark is after a sweater.
    I had to break it to him that I am not prepared really to knit him an acrylic one… although I can see him destroying wool in the washing machine fairly instantly. Is superwash merino machine-washable?
    The ongoing progress resports on the EZ are very inspiring…
    gorgeous, gorgeous.


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