Obviously I have been knitting more dishcloths. Actually the colour-worked one is going to be a washcloth, for my mum as a birthday present.


And while I’m on an image posting roll here is a shot of the tarts our neighbours brought back from their holiday for us, as a thank you for watering their plants. Both the lemon and the raspberries were incredible.

(Also, i love this shot because it really shows of our Meakin plates. Originally they were my parents’ best set, and W and I have been adding to them for the last few years. I’ve had them with me since i first went to university in ’96, and I just love them very much.)

Today I am waiting to hear back from a job i was interviewed for last week. I really want it, and i’m at that point where i’m sure it won’t be mine. it really won’t be.  but i need to get a job soon, and it would have fitted me very well. i would have been useful to them.

i hate this period.

Also I am waiting for nearly 4km of yarn. Hopefully it is in the mail today and should arrive tomorrow, since it’s doesn’t even have to leave the county to get to me.  As i don’t have a ball winder, i will be hand winding it for about a year – but at least that way i can spend some quality time enjoying the colours.

I will post pictures as soon as i have something to photograph.

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3 thoughts on “Dishcloths!

  1. I am sending you lots of good luck vibes on the job front. And those tarts look too yummy!

    The purple wash cloth is my favorite. What a rich color.

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