tour 04 in paris

(Paris 2004 <3<3<3)

So much for best laid plans – My Tour de Fleece is not going to happen due to a combination of teething boy who is still regularly up at 5am, resulting tiredness, and actually wanting to watch the tour footage rather than just listen to it.

(I like spotting the riders. It’s not the tour unless I’m randomly shouting out their names as a spot them.

Most spotted so far this year: Stuart O’Grady. GO STUEY!)

Maybe August will be my spinning month? July has turned out to be full of other thing.

But that’s ok. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Detour…

  1. Yes, my main ambition for the Tour this year is to actually watch some of it. So far I keep tuning in just as they’re wrapping up the coverage. Must get organized.

  2. Ah yes…other things. Just when I think I have made it to the mid-afternoon with everything done and dusted, and the chance to sit on the couch & knit for an hour/make some jam/have a bath/go for a play in the park/do some work (!), along come those things! Lucky that these boys are just so gorgeous!!! And that knittng/spinning/fruit/baths can all wait. Hope you & yours are well & happy – is bubs doing top teeth? I think we are…

  3. I will forever treasure the memory of you shouting the rider names as they went past when the Prologue was in London. I tend to think of you as a cycling savant. 😉

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