Countdown to a Show…

bits of a banner

The dyepot is finally out of the kitchen. Everything (pretty much) is labelled and ready to go. The banner is finished (though not photographed, hense another ‘in the process’ shot), the table layout is sorted, and I need to get up a 4.30am tomorrow morning.

I am as ready as I’ll ever be.

Please come say hi! I’ll show you the scarf I’m working on for my grandad. 🙂 And the minimalist cardigan, which I’ll have with me. Oh and Oxford Kitchen Yarns yarn. Obivously. 😉

(Important note: All the stock has temporarily been removed from the webshop since it’s coming with me to the show. I’ll update it on monday.)

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One thought on “Countdown to a Show…

  1. Good luck for tomorrow! Afraid I won’t be able to be there – have to finish essay 🙁 Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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