Back from the London Stitch n Bitch, and the Shop is back open!


I had such a great time at the show! I am exhausted and beaming, and happy and buzzy on it all. *grins*

It was wonderful to chat to so many lovely and interesting knitters. It was great to finally get my yarn out there and see what people thought of it. I just got to sit behind the stall all day and admire everyone in their knitted finery.

Oh it made me happy!

can you tell i was nervous?

(A blurry-coz-I’-nervous shot of the stall just before the doors opened, being presided over by the lovely Lazulus who was an absolute star.)

Today I have been getting the shop back up and full of goodies. The 4ply is in stock for the first time, along with new colours in DK, Sock, and Lace weight. Various colour sold out at the show, but I’ll dye more of them soon. 🙂


I’m planning to write a proper post about the show in the next few of days, with links to a load of wonderful people that you should go check out…

the wonderful hop scotch socks!


…however, given the response to the raspberry socks we showed off, I wanted to direct you to their creator: Thomasina Knits.

More when I’m not falling asleep into my keyboard. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Back from the London Stitch n Bitch, and the Shop is back open!

  1. The yarn looks lovely. I especially like the blue and the raspberry. And Laz looks lovely too 😉

  2. It was so amazing to see your stall all up and running.
    I had a massive chat with M about the whole UK Stitch’n’Bitch thing and I think after witnessing the whole event and meeting everyone, he really now *gets* the knitting thing.
    He was genuinely 100% impressed with your whole gig; he said it was amazingly clear what you’re doing and he really loved the colours.
    Now he is a non-knitter, but is great at picking up on general business type things (being a management consultant and all…) and he was full of praise for the clarity, certainty and competence of Oxford Kitchen Yarns. We were celebrating you enthusiastically with beers for some hours after the show!
    For myself, as a knitter I am loving the rich shades you have achieved with natural materials and the quality of your yarn product and personal service. I also love what the semi-solid nature of the dyeing does for my stitching and it makes me want to knit more complex patterns that will show off technique and skills.
    I loved the whole way you had made the stall; the simplicity and consistency of your design echoed through all the elements of your stall from the banner to the well-placed mailing list, to the hand-stamped receipt and the elegant yarn itself.
    There were a lot of other stalls selling variegated yarns, but I think in solids you had the best stuff to see… just beautiful, natural colours laid out neatly in beautiful skeins of joy.
    It was so great to see the shop alive in 3-D reality and I hope you get to do loads more fairs!

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