“all things grow, we had our mindset, all things know”

Oh Sufjan Stevens…

Here are this year’s peas, growing nicely in front of our balcony window. (Actually this was taken on friday – they’re each a couple of inches high now, despite the grey weather outside.)

I can’t believe it’s March already. Luckily W has been on a complete planting drive, so most of the vegetable for this year are already in pots, just waiting to grow bit enough to be transplanted outside in the next month or so.

This year: more squashes (which I love, and we eat regularly), but no sweetcorn (since they all got eatten by the wildlife – we’re going to give it a break for a year or two and then try again).

Also the blueberry bush is starting to flower, and the raspberries still really me to finish giving them a serious trim, before they grow too much.

This is yarn destined* to be a Kiri shawl as a birthday present to my granny in May, from 21st Century Yarn, here in Oxfordshire. (Great company).

*(*cough* by destined I mean actually is. I’ll post photos of it next time. 🙂

The Bluestocking had a Kiri-along last month, and there were some great finished shawls. Liz made an incredible white angora version, while Abby knit her’s in chunky weight – which gave it a completely different feel, and looked equally fab.

(Aliki – are their photos of your shawl online too?)

Lastly – W has been using the workroom pretty much exclusively, which means it’s just become a dumping ground for me. However over the last couple of weeks I’ve been having a good tidy up, and this weekend I could actually get some sewing done. Which is great since I really wanted to make a new pencil case.

I only had a long zip, but I think – after some crafty on-the-fly changes, it’s made it even better that my original idea. On the inside there are now triangular sides, which hold the case open when it’s unzipped all the way, which means it’s impossible to lose something at the very bottom of the bag. And by using it, it mean EVERYTHING to do with the case came out of my stash! 🙂

And with that I think I’ll go reply to some emails. 🙂

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