A Second Quilt Post

A Quilt by Granny Doris

My granny – Granny Doris – made this quilt in the 80’s. It got passed on to me earlier this year, and has covered FB’s bed since he moved into his own room.

A Quilt by Granny Doris

I really love it.

My granny was a big influence on my crafting – she was the sewer in the family (my other granny – Nannan – was the knitter, though sadly she doesn’t knit any more.) When she started to loose her eyesight she gave her sewing stash – fabric, notions, sewing machine etc – to me. It remains one of the best presents I have ever received.

She has been a champion of the crafting my sister and I have done – a very vocal fan of our creations.

Sadly she died on the 10th October at age of 91.

A Quilt by Granny Doris

She crammed a gargantuan amount of living into her later years – this is a woman who kept on travelling, who lived independantly even after she went blind in her 70s, who went white water rafting in her 80s.

She kept going to her craft group even though she couldn’t craft anymore, because she could still talk to people about what they were making.

I really love that.

It makes sense to me.

A Quilt by Granny Doris

The world feels just a little be less – something – now that she’s gone.

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13 thoughts on “A Second Quilt Post

  1. I’m sorry that she’s gone but happy that you will have such wonderful memories of a wonderful woman. A great role model for you.
    Please accept my condolences.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was an amazing woman who lived and learned and taught a lot. What a wonderful grandmother, and a beautiful quilt.

  3. Thank you – she really was a great role model of how to really live out your old age. (i love my other grandparents a great deal, and i’m very grateful that they are still here, but i wish their world hadn’t closed down so small. it’s heartbreaking to witness.)

  4. Thank you. We’ve done really well to be honest. Two out of my four grandparents are alive and i’m 31, which is pretty good going. (Both my other grandparents are still around and in their late 80’s.)

    I’m sorry for you loss too. Grandparents have such an amazing affect on their grandchildren.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful legacy! So great to have such a wonderful role model and mentor – and tangible things made by her own hands to wrap yourself in and remember her (and to dry your tears on too!)

  6. Thank you, and yes, you’re right, I really do.

    I’m looking forward to having some of her recipes too, so that she can live on in the food she cooked for us too. My mum just emailed me granny’s ‘chocolate stuff’ recipe, which I’ve never seen up till now. that has been a staple of my life so far, and i’m really glad that it will be there for my child(ren) too.

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