4th Birthday (redux)

Lickety Split Bag

Four years ago today I sat down at Typepad and told you about buying yarn while on my honeymoon.

I didn’t know what I was doing really.

I’d just left my career in the games industry and was really hoping I wouldn’t have to go back. At the same time I didn’t really know what I wanted to do next, apart from build a website for my friend (which led to my setting up ‘Cat Like a Dog Productions‘ building bespoke websites for Authors), and making things.

Since then lots of things we wanted to happen have happened – W got a job in Oxford and stopped doing a huge commute to work, I start Oxford Kitchen Yarns, which has been making me very happy for two years now (amazing but true!), we’ve become parents to a wonderful little boy*, we’ve slowed the pace of our lives down and made looking after ourselves a real priority (which is why – with said little boy being the early bird that he is, you’ll find us heading to bed at 9pm most nights at the moment.)

And in and amongst that I’m still busy making things. Making them for the love of making them. Making them because my head is clearer when I’m creative. Because I have all these ideas. Because I have to – like I have to breathe.

I love this place because I can show my creative working and know that you understand.

And I really apreciate that.

(Yes – that is a Lickety Split bag – my current autumn bag of choice, and my lovely Baktus scarf [ravelry link].)

*THANK YOU so much for the lovely birthday messages!

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5 thoughts on “4th Birthday (redux)

  1. Thanks – it was really easy to make and it’s proved really useful. I’m planning to make more just to have around. 🙂

    And also thanks! 🙂 It’s been hard work to get here, and it’s definately taken sacrifice, but it’s all definately been worth it.

  2. that’s a great story. There’s something about simplifying that brings a satisfaction I can’t describe. Congrats on all your accomplishments over the past four years!

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