A Hat for the Cold When it Comes.

Winter Hat

It’s fun trying to photograph FB in his new hat, mainly because it’s impossible to get him to slow down when he’s indoors. So I just go with the flow, and get slightly blurry action  shots instead. 🙂

This is the Master Charles Cabled Ear Flap Cap by Tottoppers, and it was a quick, thoroughly enjoyable knit.

I used the texera aran that I bought at the Ravelry day, (which is lovely stuff.) I’ve got enough left to make a scarf for FB too, which is handy.

Added bonus – so far he’s been willing to wear it.


Winter Hat

(Ravelry link.)

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4 thoughts on “A Hat for the Cold When it Comes.

  1. Love the hat. Cables always make things look better. Concerning the blurry photos, I have the same thing happen with my two year old. I suppose we willl look back at all the blurry photos and love their verve and spunk…Right? I hope so anyway.

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