Yarn Along

Reading and knitting 18th Jan 2012

So let’s see.

There have been camera troubles. Multiple camera troubles.

There has been a feverish little girl and a couple of nights with very little sleep.

There have been problems with the blog (hey I’m not even meant to be here today!)

There have been deadlines that are hoving into view and are taking up every minute I am not around two small children (of which there is a limited amount.

Life is sort of tricky right now, it has to be said.

So here is some knitting and a book. (I felt the call of the Small Things‘ yarn along.) The knitting is an upsidedown Sweet Bunting that I am knitting for LR to wear to her auntie’s wedding in the summer. The book is The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnum, which I treated myself to just before christmas. I’d love to tell you I’ve read loads of it… but, well, see above basically.

And on that note…

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