Winter Olympics Knitting

FO: EZ hybrid sweater

Yesterday I didn’t think I was going to knit the Winter Olympics this time around – the last few months have been full of deadlines and I don’t really fancy another one.

However W’s jumper (above) is looking very loved, and very tatty and I’ve been promising him that I’ll knit him a new one for the last two years.

Last time it took me 9 days. Mind you about two days of that was while marathon watching Black Books (which seems like a good excuse to hunt them out again, now I come to think of it!), and this was before FB was a twinkle in my eye. This time around I think it’s going to take a bit longer.

And have stripes.

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One thought on “Winter Olympics Knitting

  1. Excellent. I’ve signed up and will be reknitting my brother’s EZ hybrid sweater which turned out hu-uge. At least I’ll be knitting it smaller this time around.

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