What to do When Your Heart Hurts

1. Go outside (just for a bit.)

2. Do some jobs (just for a bit.)

3. Play with your children.

4. Eat (a bit) of something that tastes really lovely.

5. Make sure you can see where you have been (in the house, in the work you have to do.)

6. Listen to something that might make you smile. Or (if you’re on your own, and you think it will help) something that lets you cry.

7. Don’t go over it again and again. Unless you know it’s going to get you somewhere better than this.

8. Accept that your heart hurts right now. But it won’t forever.

9. Keep your hands busy.

10. Watch your children play.


(No one has died, no one is ill – well I have a head cold – it’s not depression, and it probably won’t last forever.)

(Mordanting today. And lots of yarn drying. )

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5 thoughts on “What to do When Your Heart Hurts

  1. Hey you – apart from the children thing (I dont have them) I totally agree with all this… funny isnt it, small bouts of down-ness… I have it too… no explantion, no reason, just down…

    love the cake thing… did you say cake or did I just imagine that? (he he)

  2. I agree with lots of the following. I also find when my heart hearts that the following usually do the trick:
    – Going for a walk (preferably alone, preferably with my ipod)
    – Talking to my friends
    – Trashy TV (glee, one tree hill, chick flicks) that are guranteed to make me cry!
    – Brave face at work, pushing through.
    – Sleep (its sometimes the only answer)
    – Remembering that it will pass and get better. (I’m very hippy these days!)
    – Burning candle or nice smelling oil
    – Twinkly lights
    – Knitting with really nice yarn!


  3. Cooking! I find it very restorative. There is something nurturing about it, whoever you are cooking for, and especially if you have some kind of connection with the ingredients, or the recipe: something you have grown yourself, a family favourite. (In my case, it is always the latter, not having even a window box).

    I am sorry your heart is hurting. Your words are wise, and ones I hope I will remember when I need them. Acceptance and keeping busy are the tried and trusty ones, but “making sure you can see where you have been” I had not thought of, so I am grateful that you have!

    Hugs to you, whatever you need them for.

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