Welcome to Oxford Kitchen Yarn…

So I used to post quite a bit, and then I posted a bit, and then I didn’t post for ages.

But what really happened was this:

I decided to start a business.

And I just couldn’t talk about it until I knew it was going to happen. And now I know it’s going to happen, I can talk about it.

Oxford Kitchen Yarns Sample set

Basically in the next few weeks I’m going to start selling my own natural dyed yarn. Currently everything is dyed in our tiny galley kitchen here in Oxford (hence Oxford Kitchen Yarns), by me. And I’m loving it!

I get to play with colour, and yarn, and boil stuff up… what’s not to love? 🙂

So basically that’s why I’ve been so quiet. But now I’ve told you, I’m not going to be quiet any more. There are a ton of finished projects that have never seen the light of day monitor, and a few adventures I haven’t yet shared, but now I’m back and I can post about them.

The old typepad account is dead, but all my earlier posts are archived here, and I’ve been undating over the last week since I moved so that there are new things to read about, new projects to see.

It’s good to be (properly) back!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Oxford Kitchen Yarn…

  1. Hey your new blog/site is looking really great!
    Good to have you back on cyberspace.
    I missed you this week and last what with all the insane amounts of college work I’ve been doing, and I meant to thank you for the lovely card you gave Lara to pass on for my birthday; it meant a lot to hear from you!
    Hope all is well with you, I will be at college most days next week if you fancy meeting up in Headington for a coffee anytime or if you fancy a visit I could pop in one time after college…
    be good to catch up in the meantime I’m sending huge amounts of luck and joy to oxfordkitchenyarns and wishing you well in this big adventure of yours,
    love Felix

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