UWYH – Necklace.

Ok. So firstly I should wear necklaces more often. Generally I should probably accessorise more, because it tends to make you look more put together, and, theoretically it’s fun. Only problem is that i can’t find accessories that i like.


Inspired by Craftlog’s post I clicked over to Art School Dropout’s site.  Her necklaces are incredible! You should stop reading this and go check them out.

Back? Ok. So long story short, I made one of my own, using wire i bought about 4 years ago, and beads and buttons I’ve been thrifting from the crafty-hospice shop for the last few months. There is also a bead from my Gifty3 stash, and wooden beads my sister gave me, as well as plastic beads from japanese pokemon jewelry, and a shell button I got at Liberty when I started knitting kids stuff for friends.  Oh and oval beads from a braclet I bought about six months before I finished my degree.  Also the chain is from the necklace my sister bought me for graduating. I’m intending to share it between this and the pendant she got me. 🙂

Point being, the final piece is full of lots of little memories – which is a very cool side of the Use What You Have challenge that I hadn’t considered before.

Button/Bead Necklace

(Talking of memories – the tee is an old David Devant and His Spirit Wife teeshirt that I cut into a V-neck, and wore on my wedding day until I put on my dress. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “UWYH – Necklace.

  1. Very cool! I like that you are using what you’ve got!
    I need to get some new jewlery too. My jewlery pouch was “removed” from my luggage in September when I was traveling. I’ve been throwing together a few things here and there. I think it is time to do some shopping/creating!

  2. Hola! I finally, finally put up pictures of the lovely goodies you sent me in February. I’m going to try to add them to the flickr group today, too.

    Thank you again, so very much.

    Your necklace is a work of art!

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