Trousers for a Small Boy

Blue Spotted Trousers

I’ve found it’s pretty hard to find baby trousers that will fit with a cloth nappy. However I’m finding it a little easier to carve out a bit of making time in an evening when FB has gone to bed and W has gone to the allotment.

(Turns out this time is more precious than ever. Making things – whether I’m knitting or sewing, or whatever – is making me happier than it ever has before. And I’ve been sewing since I was about six and knitting since I was seven.*)

Anyway armed with what I could remember from The Creative Family (since Lara still has my copy. <3), and the excellent backup of Redcurrent’s tutorial, I set about making a test pair.

Test pants - but I like them. :)

(There is so much I love in this photo – aside from my sweet boy – the hooded blanket from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches, that his auntie made him for christmas, and the Treasure Basket made by gershamabob**, which FB explores every day. )

I ended up loving this version alot more than I thought I would. (The fabric was an old charity shop pillowcase find that has been in and out of the ‘back to the charity shop’ fabric pile a few times, but which I now utterly love as these trousers.)

TheyΒ  fit him now but won’t fit for very long and are pretty piped on when he has a cloth nappy on, so I made a second, larger test pair using another pillow case, and some spotted Rowan fabric for the cuffs.

(This pillowcase has been much used and washed many times and so is very soft and – as you can see below – a bit see through. It was W’s long before we met.)

Blue Spotted Trousers

I’m really happy with them, and FB has been wearing them alot since they were made. Now I’m poised to use some of my new fabric purchases to make more in the next few days, (after I get through I couple of mini deadlines. πŸ™‚ And then we’ll be set for summer.

*Despite this I have only just learnt about the huge ‘sew backwards’ button on my sew machine. People who love me have mocked me for this, and rightly so. πŸ˜‰

**Want to make your own Treasure Basket? There is a great PDF here.

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6 thoughts on “Trousers for a Small Boy

    1. Looking at it again – yes i can see that it doesn’t make much sense if you don’t already know what your doing. The info in The Creative Family is more clear.

  1. Well sure you can use the “sew backwards” button (there’s one on my machine too) but it’s not altogether easy to keep a button depressed, keep the right pressure on the pedal and then guide the fabric (backwards) left handed. Sometimes turning the fabric round is just so much simpler.

    The trousers look great!

    1. It’s a method that has worked for me for 21 years! (how is that even true??)

      hi hi! i’m going to the ravelry day on saturday with FB! So we get to hang out with you! πŸ˜€

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