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wet autumn leaves in brown, green and yellow, and a pair of feet in brown shoes at the bottom of the image
      • Adam Buxton Podcast – Hassan Akkad I really like Adam Buxton’s podcast, it’s usually really interesting, fun and pretty light hearted. This week he interviewed Hassan Akkad, who fled Syria in 2012, about his experiences and his journey to Europe. I recommend listening to it, so much. It was fascinating, and heartbreaking and important.
      • Happiness is Here – Please don’t make this mistake with Christmas gifts I haven’t been reading this blog for very long, but I really like Sara’s commitment and passion for children’s rights, and respectful parenting. Everything in this article makes complete sense to me, even though I can see why people justify giving presents with strings attached. (oh and while we’re here – I loath the idea of Elf on the shelf, and people can make it as pinterest-cute as they like, the concept is still massively creepy.)
      • 13th Century Children’s drawings – because people have always been people
      • Learning Well Community – 102 ways to start your Homeschool morning out right This was overwhelming in a really good way, to the point where I actually printed it out, so that I can pen all over it, and make notes and stuff. (I think, even if you don’t home educate, there are some jems in that list for you too.)
      • The Lazy Genius Holiday Podcasts – since October Kendra has been knocking it out of the park with a series of podcasts about making priorities and rocking the holiday season. Every time a new one lands in my podcast app it’s a must listen.
      • And in case anyone here play Animal Crossing New Leaf on the Nintendo 3ds, my kids and I have been exploring the dream town of Hush, which has a lovely Christmassy thing going on.
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