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knitted wig

knitted wig

knitted wig

It is birthday season in our family (one down, one to go) so I’ve been crafting away trying to get presents sorted (and made).  Hence the knitted wig on my knee in the above photos.

I do love a good, small, knitted wig.

The crafting has been hampered by being a bit cold and very tired. Getting back out of bed once both children are asleep is a bit of a herculean effort right now, and not one I always manage to be honest, and that coupled with trying to keep everything a surprise has really cut into the time I have to get these things done. And yet, some how, I think I can see the finishing line and the present should actually get finished on time.

Hurrah. And thank goodness.

In other news…

I have just finished reading Back Story by the comedian David Mitchell. I really enjoyed it.

Due to my general lack of energy at the moment, I have been watching Tales from the Green Valley, which everyone has really adored. FB wants to be a farmer, and has found the whole series fascinating. Unlike the subsequent Victorian, Edwardian and Wartime farm series, these are 30 minutes an episode so it’s easy for us just to watch a bit at a time.

This pregnancy is continuing in a straight forward fashion, for which I am extremely grateful. I am on a hefty hormone roller-coaster though, (very tearful, easily overwhelmed at the strangest times) and am already waddling, and achy as if I was at 30 weeks rather than 20. I suddenly feel like I am living off spoons, and have to think quite carefully about what can get done. (Walk too far and I’m in pain, walk with LR on my back and I’m in pain, carry too much… etc etc.)

However I can now feel movement inside, and that’s wonderful. It’s worth all the hard work, definitely, but more than either of the others this pregnancy feels like hard work. (But that is the last I’ll talk about it. Promise.)

There is a new Oxford Kitchen Yarns yarn on the horizon. In fact I am ordering it from the mill today. It will exclusive to Darn it and Stitch (at least initially) which is very exciting. I’ll tell you more when I actually have some in my hands. 🙂

It’s nice to be back here. More very soon.


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