The Things on Our Walls.

So about a year ago someone* posted a photo of a Jay Ryan print “Sleeping in the Trees” which i just fell in love with.

And when i showed W he fell in love with it too. So i bought it. And now we’re big Jay Ryan fans.

So when My Little Mochi posted about her new Jay Ryan print, it reminded me that i should post about the ones we bought a few weeks ago, once W realised that JR had an exhibition in a gallery in Manchester.

This is what we having waiting to be framed, and to go up on our walls:

Edinboro University Student Art League

I *love* the Yak in this print. I really love their eyes and their expressions, but the yak’s fur just makes me very happy. Plus the colours are incredible.

(I’m pretty sure – unless she protests – that this is going to go in what was our spare room, but will become my sister’s bedroom in a couple of months. It’ll really suit the colour of the walls, and might even help her sanity as she comes to the end of her phD.)

The Wrens – The Race

I’m not sure what they’re looking for, but I love how careful they’re being. 🙂

(This one might end up in our room, along with “Sleeping in the Trees”.)

Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs – Sovay

This was W’s choice and it’s inspired. I love the movement of the weed, and the way you can see the ghosting of the tops of the letters on the surface of the water. It’s a really clever piece and i don’t expect to get bored of looking at it.

Marmots, Chairs and Buckets

W is a huge chair geek, and this really appealed to him. I’m a sucker for colour and strong lines, and interesting composition, and squishy animals (not to be confused with ‘squished’ animals) so we both won. (Though actually we had to get this one sent from the Bird Machine site in the US, since we
couldn’t stretch to the large, handscreened versions they are selling in Manchester.)

It makes me want to start drawing again.

* and i really wish i could remember who.

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5 thoughts on “The Things on Our Walls.

  1. Ohhh. Those are so nice. Now I’m eyeing the gallery website in Manchester myself. Damn you, I’m meant to be getting rid of stuff, not adding to my packing! :g:

  2. Oh my! You’ve got a whole collection! I’m so jealous. I really wanted the “chairs and buckets” print but it was already sold out before I got a chance to buy it.

    Thanks so much for posting yours!

  3. So cute! I love them too! I’ll have to take a look at more of his work. We just bought some eleanor grosch prints…have you seen her stuff? (she’s at pushmepullyoudesign dot com) Yay art!

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