Team Alien!

I have been wrestling with the idea of joining the Knitting Olympics for a few weeks now. I even picked out a project.  But with the yarn for other projects mounting up, and the fact that i really need to start looking for a new job, I just can’t justify sitting knitting for 16 days.

However I still think it’s a great idea.

Luckily for me i know Lara – who had the genius idea for us to finish all our UFOs during the Olympics instead.

For me this means:

  • finishing the sleeves, collar and making up the secret jumper project
  • knitting the second striped sock to go with it’s mate, which i finished in october
  • knitting the last third of the first, and then the whole second Italian striped sock i started for W while on our honeymoon
  • finishing the second fingerless mitten

plus, whatever else i can find that is surely hidden around the place somewhere.

Thus Team Alien was born. 🙂

I have also joined:

as run by Wildgeese.

This is all very exciting. Tomorrow I’ll sit down and post pictures of all the UFOs I can find.

ETA: Knitty blog talking about finishing UFOs for the Knitting Olympics, and how challenging yourself is enough to qualify. So i guess it’s officially on people!

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