Sunday Pudding Club: Week 2

rhubarb icecream

(Luckily the camera is fixed, paid for and should be returned to us very soon!)

I realised – it being thursday already – that i was putting off writing about this week’s pudding. I think I know why. There were some problems with it.

Not in how it tasted – it tasted wonderful – but in the technicalities of how it was made.

But lets back up a bit.

This weeks pudding: Rhubarb Ice Cream.

Now, since this recipe isn’t actually in the book, and is one I adapted myself, I going to post it here, along with direction on how not to cock it up, (like i did.) I’m planning to remake it properly over the weekend – probably. Hopefully. Assuming all the baking works out.

But anyways, you need:

  • A decent handful of rhubarb stalks
  • A large (560ml ish) pot of double cream
  • 260g icing sugar

1. Wash and chop up the rhubarb and put in a pan with a tiny splash of water. Heat until all the rhubarb goes soft and starts to break down. Leave to cool.

2. WHIP THE CREAM. (I didn’t do this, because i thought that my ice cream maker would magically whip it enough for me, as well as freezing it. This would have been fine if we were going to eat it all in one go, but i knew that wasn’t going to happen, and so when it actually went into the freezer, it froze into a solid block. Hence the scrapings, rather than scoops I photographed on monday. And thus i’ve put off posting this till thursday.)

So – whether you’re using an ice cream maker or not – WHIP THE CREAM. Till it has soft peaks and there is obviously a lot of air in it.

3. Add the icing sugar to the rhubarb, and mix till all the icing sugar has disolved.

4. Add the rhubarb mixture to the cream, and fold in gently.

5. If using an ice cream maker: Add mixture to the maker, and follow the instructions for your particular ice cream maker.

If NOT using an ice cream maker: Put the ice cream mixture into a plastic box with a lid, or wrapping cover, and put in the freezer. Take it out and give it a stir every hour, so that it doesn’t freeze into a solid block. It should take about 4 hours to freeze.

6. Eat. 🙂

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