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Rhubarb, Ginger and Cream

i miss my camera

(Since this is my own recipe, I get to share it. 😉


  • a few ginger nuts
  • some double cream
  • some mixed spice
  • about 4 stalks of rhubarb
  • 2tbl spoons of brown sugar

1. Crush the ginger nuts up so that they are crumbled and powdery in parts.

2.  Cut up the rhubarb and put in a pan with the sugar and a splash of water. Cook till the rhubarb is soft and starts to break up.

3. Whip the cream until it firms up.

4. Assemble in bowls: first a bottom layer of crushed ginger nuts, then the cooked rhubarb, then the cream, and then a dusting of mixed spice.

5. Eat quickly before the cream melts into the rhubarb.


Food Things:

The ice cream isn’t made, my grandma’s birthday cake is made, but needs re-making because I just found out that the prunes have stones in them – however this means we get the first cake, so let’s not cry too hard. I was going to make the lemon merague from the book, but ran out of energy so whipped up the above pudding instead.

Knitting Things:

Angle that is sadly no more...

I spent two days knitting Angle in wonderful orange alpaca silk, (I know – orange yarn! Kind of a busman’s holiday. :), only to realise that I was definately going to run out of yarn, and that getting more was going to make the cardigan very expensive.

So i did the sensible thing and frogged it. The wonderful alpaca silk will become something else for bump, and Angle will get knit up – probably – in some Jo Sharp yarn I have in my stash (which is also lovely stuff.)

However, the Bee Stole is done, blocked, and just waiting to be photographed… which brings me to:

Oxford Kitchen Yarns Things:

The camera has gone awol in the post – the post office say they have delivered it, but don’t have a signature, which makes them think it is back at the depo. Unfortunately getting to the depo without a car and while pregnant, is a nightmare, so I have used the automated redelivery service to attempt to get them to find it and redeliver it without being able to stand over them and *make* them find it and redeliver it.

Tomorrow we will see if that works or not.

Long story short: I can’t take photos of the yarn accurately until I get the camera back, so it’s likely that the shop won’t get updated this week. Which is incredibly annoying all round.

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