Spring Cleaning for Normal People

Simple Mom (a site I haven’t been reading for very long, but which I’m enjoying), is having a Spring Cleaning Party for Normal People.

This idea really appeals to me, especially after a long winter of not-a-lot-of-time-or-energy-for-housework. And it’s come at the perfect time for us, given that W has taken the week off work, and we really want to get our house sorted out, (amongst other things.)

Realistically, it’s likely to take me more than a day to get each ‘day’ done, but I’m ok with that.

I’ll try to post some interesting before and after shots, and maybe give away some bits and pieces, should I come across anything that could do with a new, crafty home.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning for Normal People

  1. Thanks for the simple mom link – and for the Spring Cleaning idea. I don’t think I can follow it day by day but would like to have a go room by room.

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