Small Shoes (that didn’t fit, but found a good home.)

Small Shoes

I really love these shoes. They were easy to make too. (The link to the pattern is here, at ColourKnits.)

Unfortunately they didn’t fit the boy. 🙁 (As his auntie would say ‘Pudgy feet!!’)

But they’ve gone to a good home with his little friend MM. (Who’s mum has just come back to sewing. o/ We have a sewing day in the works. Should be a ton of fun.)

FB will remain shoeless, especially now the weather has turned lovely.  Don’t worry about him though – he has cute socks. (Though none that I have knitted, mainly because his feet grow too quickly. :|)

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2 thoughts on “Small Shoes (that didn’t fit, but found a good home.)

  1. These are soooo cute! Shame about the pudgy feet (I’ve been holding off for the same reason, I love the chubby ankles but they make fitting shoes a bit of a dilemma). I love your robot fabric – it looks great!

    1. The robot fabric was from The Eternal Maker which is the parent site to The Button Company (literally – it’s run by her mum!) i bought a fat quarter of it at the Festival of Quilts last year*.

      Kim had already made a really cool bag out of a blue version of the same fabric, which the stall went nuts over. very amusing. 😉

      (btw ravelry was playing up for me, and i owe you a couple of replies, which i will get on to today.)


      *20th-23rd August this year – I’ll send out an email about it. 🙂

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