New Pattern: Sand Dollar Dish Cloth

Sand Dollar Dish cloth


Sand Dollar Dish cloth


Sand Dollar Dish cloth

Sand Dollar Dish cloth
Sand Dollar Dish Cloth Pattern £1.50


This is the Sand Dollar Dish Cloth. I’ve been knitting and using these cloth for about a year and I’m still completely addicted to them. They use about half a 50g ball of DK cotton* so you can get a nicely matching pair from one ball, or just use up those bits and pieces of DK cotton that seem to collect in everyone’s stash.

There are knit from the outside in, which means that seem to speed up the more you knit them! No. More. Boring. Dishcloth. Knitting!

The trickiest bit is the cast on, and making sure the first row isn’t twisted. After that it’s a race to the end. 🙂 They’re perfect for carrying around in your bag, or car knitting, since the pattern is easy to read once you’ve established it. And the finished cloth is the ideal dish cloth or wash cloth size.

They have become my default dish cloth, as they are the perfect size for getting the washing up done, and when they need a thorough cleaning they machine wash and wear really well.

I hope you enjoy knitting them. I can’t wait to see what they look like!





*(I know! My first pattern that’s not free and it’s not even in OxfordKitchenYarns yarn!)

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3 thoughts on “New Pattern: Sand Dollar Dish Cloth

  1. Oh I love this one! I am always looking out for beautiful dishcloth patterns, I think you can never have too many, really!

    1. Thank you! I just knit two more this week! (I found another yarn that works really well, and wanted to show it off. 🙂 I’ll post it next week.

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