Right Now:

Right now…

I’m wondering if I’ve packed too much too soon?

Apart from the loft, and about half the garage, there is really only the kitchen and the clothes and the essentials to go.  (Oh and toys, but they are very managable and I’ll leave alot of those till next sunday.)

I’ve just packed my sewing machine (wah!), I packed my fabric away yesterday, and (almost) all the craft books at the beginning of the week. (I can still get to my needles, and yarn though. Yay!)

I have my crochet, and the baby blanket (though that’s very nearly finished!) and half a duck soup (and the yarn for a second, smaller one) so I’ve plenty of craft related things.

Of course I’m itching to start making things for the new house, but I’m going to wait till we’re actually living there, and I’ll have a better idea of what we need. But already I’m dreaming of making some of these, and these, oh and maybe some of these. 🙂

Oh, and I haven’t even started on the cleaning, and that and the kitchen should keep me busy next week, right?

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3 thoughts on “Right Now:

  1. Oh I love all of those! I want some for my new house too – maybe we should do a sew-along for homewares? Glad to hear you are all prepared – prior preparation prevents poor performance!!

    1. YES! Sewalong! I am totally up for that. 🙂 Maybe even set the kids up in the garden and sew outside one afternoon?

      I don’t feel so prepared this week, funnily enough. :/ but i’ll pop up again once i work out when i should actually start packing the kitchen.

      That said W defrosted the freezer at some ungodly hour yesterday morning, so that’s one thing done. (how much do i love that man? alot.)

  2. I love the links particularly the coffee sack and I also want to make a selection of things for our house. I’ve decided that it is lacking homemade touches still!! If I can, I’d love to come and sew in the sun with you both! Lx

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