Raglan Tees

Raglan Tees for FB

Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for a raglan tee? I think I have!

So when I saw this tutorial at Craftiness is Not Optional, I had to have a go. I have plenty of small jersey pieces – or rather I have lots of large adult tee shirts with trouser leg hole shapes in the body. But often there is enough left over to make the body of a baby tee shirt. (I’m planning to squeeze some knickers out of them too – oh yes I am!)

Raglan Tees for FB

I had some ribbing which I bought last year, for my last (unsuccessful) attempt at making tee shirts, so I made the sleeve from that.

(The shorts are yet another Big Butt Baby Pants made 3/4 length, and with added patch pockets. I’ve made four (!) pairs of these for FB so far this year, and they are his basic summer staple. I’ll post about these as soon as I can get them photographed.)

First Raglan Tees

(She is leaning, not standing. But we’re not far off.)

The ribbing means that I didn’t have to make the neckholes extra big, and yet my children could get their heads through. (I was a bit nervous about this, and was tempted to wake them up when I finished the tee shirts so that they could try them on. And then I remember that that was madness and waiting till morning. 😉

First Raglan Tees

Now I’ve made tee shirts for the children I’m excited to make some for W too! It’s really hard at the moment to find raglan tee shirts for men, and he looks great in them. Hopefully all this making tops will give me the confidence to make some tops for myself too, since my collection is pretty small at the moment, and I feel the need up update things.

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2 thoughts on “Raglan Tees

  1. This are fab and I am very tempted to try making some too. I’ve finally got round to getting the BBBP pattern, now I just have to find time to do some sewing. Where do you get your fabric from? Esp. the jersey. I spent about an hour in Masons this afternoon but didn’t find anything I liked that was a suitable weight.

    1. Hmmm… Mason’s sometime has decent jersey (the body of FB’s tee came from there) but usually I use charity shop tee shirts.

      I am just starting to look to get some jersey just as fabric – this seems like a great place http://www.pennineoutdoor.co.uk/catalogue.asp?sID=6 but i haven’t used them yet. There are bits and pieces on etsy too, but right now, my only experience is via trawling charity shops for the odd, rare interesting find.

      also – HI! I am sorry that i have fallen off the surface of the planet recently. It would be lovely to meet up soon. maybe we should come visit you lot? FB would go mad to go on a train. 🙂

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