(I have a ton of projects that have been made, and not blogged about, so let’s jumping in, and over the next few days I’ll try to show you them…)

first quilt

You know I said yesterday that I can’t leave Darn it and Stitch without buying something? Well about a 6 weeks ago I saw they had some of the Moda Central Park charmpacks in stock and they looked so tasty that I had to finally start making quilts! (It was only a matter of time mind you.)

I thought a little floor quilt would be a good place to start, somewhere for LR to play when she’s in the backroom or the kitchen. Unfortunately it’s a little bit late for her, since she’s trying to shuffle about, and gets under the quilt rather than sitting on it, but it’s still fun for her, so it’s all good.

first quilt

Apart from the top, all of the rest of the quilt came from my stash – it was a great excuse to give a good home to the lovely backing fabric (which I had decided would be too eye popping as trousers for FB.)

I really enjoyed the process – laying out the top and making it non-matchy and clashy (which is a great lesson for general design I think. Done well it keeps things really interesting.)

I love hand finishing bias binding (which I already knew!) so finishing the quilt was a real pleasure.

And when it stops being useful on the floor, then I know a patch of wall where it will look great.


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