New Sewing Box

New Sewing Box

FB thinks this is the best toy ever!

I whole-heartedly agree.

My previous sewing box (a plastic tool box that used to carry my art school supplies to and from college) gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and I’d been on the look out for a long term replacement ever since. This box was part of a crafts display in the window of our local Oxfam and I managed to reserve it on the day it went into the window.

New Sewing Box

I paid for it and picked it up this afternoon.

Since then FB has been happily moving all the vintage cotton reels (that came with it) from one compartment to the next, as well as rolling them across the floor. Once he’s gone to bed, and the work of the day is sorted, I’m planning to have a good play of my own and set everything up, just how I want it.


(I really want to line the compartments with some interesting paper, so I’m going to be on the look out for that now. I must ask Little Green Bees where she gets her’s.)

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2 thoughts on “New Sewing Box

  1. What a lovely find. I saw a sewing box being snapped up recently in a local charity shop but it was no where near as nice as your one. Makes you wonder what happened to the contents – I still have various bits and pieces that I have inherited over the years. I especially love old wooden thread spools – I used to bang nails into them when I was a child and use them for French knitting.

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