New Obsession!

I have never been a big fan of cotton yarn – or rather when making clothes I’m not a fan of wearing cotton. I tend to use cotton yarn to make bags, or cushion covers.

But Mason-Dixon Knitting has me hunting out my cotton, and planning to buy more.

(I know… I’m bad. I’m supposed to be Using What I Have. I may be about to be bad. Maybe. We shall see.)

I am making Dishrags, and I’m addicted.


This is the first one I made. It uses the pattern as written, and is using some of the really really lovely cotton yarn that came as part of my Gifty Package (Thank you Heels!)

It knitted up in no time, and was a nice interesting knit, thanks to the decreases.

But I wanted more…


This is Rowan Cotton Glace. It’s 4ply, and also lovely.  I adapted the pattern (cast on 240, with 39 stitches between each bobble), and knit like the wind. 

I’m such a sucker for 4ply.  I had just under a ball when I started, and about half/one-third of a ball left when I finished. I think you could easily get 3 dishrags out of 2 balls. (I’ll start a second one after I finish the purple one I’m working on at the moment, and have a better idea then.)

My housemate thinks they are too lovely to use. Little does he know – they are lovely enough to use, and this way we shouldn’t have a kitchen full of dead green sponges that won’t bio-degrade.

Plus the centers are ripe for experimentation and lace-practice.

What’s not to love?


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4 thoughts on “New Obsession!

  1. Wow! I’m going to have to get myself a copy of that book. Everyone has been giving it such favorable reviews!

    The dishcloths look great but I’m with your housemate…I wouldn’t dare use a dishcloth knitted out of rowan yarn, all mine are knitted out of 99 cent cheap-o cotton worsted 🙂

  2. Those are gorgeous! I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of that book.

    I love cotton yarn, but I have to get used to the fact that it has no real give or stretch when I knit with it, which is a huge pain.

    You’ve accomplished a lot more with that turq. blue than I have at home and I have another 6 hanks/skeins of it!

  3. Back with a couple of questions.

    First, pretend you’re me and that you really like mercerized cotton. Would you use the rest of the robin’s egg blue stash to attempt a pinwheel baby blanket?

    (I think cotton is good for baby stuff, right?)

    Second, I cannot find Rowan in stores in the deep south. Is it worth the order? Do you seriously adore it? I’ve hunted down a couple of their magazines and ordered them, but never any yarn.

    I have a thing for really soft fibers, which makes knitting expensive for this novice.

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