More from Spring

Africankelli suggested more pictures from my garden and who am I to deny her?

The bathroom fern has gone from this:


to this:


which makes me very happy.

Now if the other bulges could turn into more healthy stems… *fingers crossed* but either way, it is still alive and the two new stems have fully unfurled, and are thick and strong. Yay!

Last weekend W and I did our first lot of allotment planting.
Everything is planted in trays which are laid out in front of our
balcony windows, because there isn’t room for a green house.

Last week I was at my mum’s, helping out because she had her second knee replacement (hence not posting here – though i did finish some socks, which i will post about later…)

When I got back, these are the plants that had started to properly sprout.

These are beetroot:


These are Rubine Brussel Sprouts:


and these are Gillia Twilight (flowers to go on the balcony.)


In other news W’s mum and D popped round this morning and brought Helibor from her back garden.


Aren’t they lovely?

Right – I’ll be back soon with sock pictures, and generally making a bit more noise, now that i’m back home. 🙂

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