Merry Christmas!

Wow December has been a battle of lurgy verses Christmas preparations. Ultimately lurgy pretty much won, throwing down a vomiting bug that took out 4 out of the 5 of us last week and meant that most of our cards have not gone out, including all the local ones.

Plus the only parcel that needs to go out hasn’t even really been started.- The cake that’s supposed to go in it isn’t even baked, so that’s something that will happen next week and get to my great aunt between Christmas and New Year.

But there are presents and food in the house, we don’t have to travel anywhere, and hopefully we’ll all be back to 100% by wednesday, so maybe, in the end Christmas has won after all!

Two bits of Oxford Kitchen Yarns newsDarn it and Stitch are getting a regular and stable supply of Oxford Kitchen Yarn into their shop, so right now, if you want some OKY yarn then they are your best bet.

(There isn’t much of the Chunky left for this year, so if you want some of that, better get their sooner rather than later, because I think I have about 5 skeins left to give them till next winter.)

And, in the new year, I’ll work on getting a new and improved online shop open, and regularly stocked. Finally! (again.)

Many thanks to all my customers, both old and new! I really appreciate you supporting my business, especially through another funny year of having a baby. I’m excited about all the new dyes (and YARNS!) I’ve got in the pipelines for next year.


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