Making the Sofa Work

On the day of my wedding my dad got up and make a speech that basically said:

"The thing about Oscarcat is that when she decides to do something, she does it…"

Today i realised that instead of just putting up with our mangy-falling apart futton sofa until we decide how we’re going to arrange our living room*, there was a way to fix it which would make the sofa actually nice to sit on, AND wouldn’t cost any money.

In fact since i realised this i’ve been itching to get started. So having finished other jobs, (apart from one,  but i’ll do that this evening, or even tomorrow morning) i think

i’m going to give it a go.

Here is the old sofa:

Hopefully in a few hours I’ll have other, better photos to show…

*dining table? no dining table? TV? No tv? rip out the old shelving? put in new shelving? having the chimney breast removed? we still have no firm idea…

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