Lurgy and the little FOs

Firstly: QueenoftheFroggers finished her Swallowtail Shawl in Oxford Kitchen Yarns sock yarn. It’s superb. Go look! 🙂

Secondly: I owe a stack of emails to people. hopefully i’ll get my arse in gear tomorrow, and get them sorted out. Sorry.


I have the lurgy. (Thank you man who coughed on me on the bus.) It’s not a serious lurgy, but I’d rather head it off at the pass if I can right now, which meant getting the jobs that really needed doing done, and then curling up in bed with plenty of drink and my knitting.

EZ garter blanket - baby size

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear how much knitting for bump has been going on recently. But little projects are perfect for the summer, especially along side the bigger projects I want to get done. This is a bit of both. It’s a baby version of the Elizabeth Zimmermann Garter Stitch blanket (here is Brooklyntweed’s recently completed version.)

I’m knitting it in Oxford Kitchen Yarn Aran, with the center panels in undyed and the outer sections in a colour that has yet to be decided upon. (It’s a good way of working out how much yarn i’m going to need, since one center panel is an eighth of the whole thing.)

Also on the needles is a Shetland Shorty in 21st Century Yarns Silk.

Shetland Shorty

I’ve had this yarn for a few years now. I bought it orginally to make some sort of wrap to wear at our wedding. To be honest the scarf/wrap i made didn’t get much wear, though it worked with the outfit. But I had alot of the silk left, and i’ve always wanted to make something from it, even if it meant ripping back the original scarf. (Which it probably will, and i’m fine with that.)

I’m hoping the Shetland Shorty will work well. (Though it’s slightly on hold till i get a pointer needle since the k2togs in silk are driving me a bit batty.)

As for recent FOs…

Everyone needs a blue rabbit

Everyone Needs A Blue Rabbit

Ravelry post or Lion Brand Link to Pattern.

This was knit with Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton (and luckily I have enough left over for another couple if it proves popular.)

It was a very quick, very cute knit. A good alternative to baby socks or booties if you need a last minute gift.

Country Kiddie - Alpaca Silk

Blue Sky Country Kiddie

Ravelry post or Link to pattern.

Oh Blue Sky Alpaca Silk how i love you! (And I still have 1 1/3 skeins left to make something else – maybe some fingerless mitts for me – I’m thinking of getting a skein of the red, and striping them. 🙂

I really love this pattern. In fact I’m planning to knit another one, though sleeveless as per the original pattern, from the left over ball of cash cotton left over from my tunic top. 🙂

I added the lace – it was crying out for something to be added to it, given i was using an even coloured yarn.

Drops Autumn Scarf

Drops Autumn Leaf Scarf

Ravelry post or Link to pattern.

This was made using the 22g i had left over after making my sideways garter stitch scarf (which I love!)

It proved to be a totally down to the wire project, but i had *just* enough yarn thank goodness.

(This is another pattern that knits up in no time at all. And it looks like it’ll stay on really well. At least while they are small. 🙂

Mossy Jacket - finished

Mossy Jacket

Ravelry post or Link to pattern.

This was my first time knitting with Noro. Again, it was another knitting down to the wire project. In fact I ended up knitting the sleeves from two ends of what was left of the second ball, so that i could keep them even. I think I ended up with about 6m of yarn left to spare.

The moss edging is Kilcarra aran.

And finally…

TV room - redecorated.

Our tv room. Finally decorated the weekend before last. o/

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3 thoughts on “Lurgy and the little FOs

  1. woo hoo! Lots of lovely things – I love the blue rabbit and hasn’t the Noro worked well. I’m very glad you have it rather than it still lingering in my stash. Hope you feel better very soon.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. The baby patterns you have linked too are fab, I really must try not to knit too many otherwise my friend will think I have gone mad if I present her with too many … I do like the bunny…!!

  3. Hey there – hope you get over the lurgy soon! All the FOs look lovely – the bump is going to be a very stylish baby. I’m starting to get garter stitch blanket envy. Maybe I could just knit a centre panel to see how much yarn it would take…

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