Like waiting in a departure lounge…


Everytime our neighbours (meaning pretty much the whole street – bless them! – how did we get so lucky?) fail to see me for a day they get all excited and think we’ve had the baby.  Given how easy I am to spot right now maybe that’s not much of a surprise.

My due date was basically this weekend (the 15th, adjusted from the 17th so make of that what you will), and for the last week or so there have been aches and cramps but nothing particularly painful, just noticeable. And nothing that is going anywhere.

And so we’re still waiting.

FB’s birthday has come and gone and no2 stayed inside (I’m pretty happy about that.) An event that my midwife really wanted to go to has come and gone and no2 stayed inside (She is pretty happy about that. 😉

But No2 – I’d like to meet you. I’d like your daddy to be a home with us all for a bit. I’d like not to lumber about the place.

I’d like to know that I actually can give birth without a ton of chemicals running the show. People keep telling me that it’s possible but I’m scared to get my hopes up (again.)

(All that said: I found a picture – which I will spare you – of me in hospital the day before FB was born. Damn but I look so tired! I’d rather be here that there.)

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3 thoughts on “Like waiting in a departure lounge…

  1. What can we do to help keep your mind off the subject? Probably not a lot. I reread a lot of “Chalet Girl” stories when I was waiting – comfort reading taken to the extreme. Can’t get my daughter to read them at all. She is now the right sort of age to read them and goes to school in Switzerland – I thought she’d be interested but she’s too busy reading books full of magic and excitement.

    I’m sending lots of encouraging thoughts over the internet. Hope it all goes well and happens soon.

  2. In the last couple of months of my pregnancy I had nearly constant braxton hicks. Thank goodness I was having a home birth or going to the hospital would have gotten old quickly. Of course the day when Im not even thinking about it my water breaks. So, maybe it’ll come when you least expect it, it can’t stay in there forever 😉

  3. Maybe you can induce yourself by coming over and holding a Brand New Baby? I will share your wishes for an intervention free birth next time. Finally getting home tomorrow!

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