Life – Right Now…

Three out of four on the wall

The next few weeks are really busy in our house – two birthdays (exactly a week apart – well done small ones!), a party, two work deadlines (which are exciting but I’m in the thick of it all right now!), fencing, nudging the stove closer into existance before it gets to cold… as well as the usual orders going out, yarn being dyed, family life going on all around me, day to day stuff.

So if the blog is a bit quieter than usual, please don’t worry. I’ve lots of exciting things to show you when I bob back up again.

In the meantime I was inspired by this post by Happiness Comes In Little Bits

~ Eating Sprouts! The first of the season!
~ Drinking more Coke than I should.
~ Contemplating making a doorstop out of the dwindling fleece stash for our bedroom door.
~ Giddy thinking about birthday celebrations and the births that started them.
~ Watching Nigel Slater and Outnumbered on the lovely beeb.
~ Smiling at my toothy girl.
~ Wishing my evenings were a bit longer.
~ Sewing scarves, gloves, clothes…
~ Knitting hats. Lots and lots of hats.
~ Hoping that everything get finished in time.
~ Tearing up when I think about where I was a year ago.
~ Thinking that I really need to get that craft show application form sorted out.
~ Baking birthday cakes x2 (well I really need to get started on them soon!)
~ Loving sewing with fleece. And how quick the postal service is.
Grateful for the boiler we put in last year.
~ Ignoring the dust and the cobwebs and the fact that the chickens have broken out of the (admitedly shoddy) fenced in area. Again.
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2 thoughts on “Life – Right Now…

  1. Happy Birthday both! A year already – time just zooms by. We have finally (finally!) managed to fence our chickens in, after regular incursions into the garden (and house) and a final assault on the winter vegies. It is so much calmer now in our backyard – love the girls, but they are a handful!

  2. What a lovely post – full of such nice things. Happy birthdays to the littles. Can’t wait to see and hear all about it! I love your list!

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