Knitting Olympics: Undone

It’s 7pm. The closing ceremony finishes on Eurosport at 9.30pm, but I can tell you now I’m not going to get gold.

I’m pretty close. I’m pretty much one sock down. I mean it’s started, but i’ve not even finished on the ribbing.

But I’m cool with that. I could have stayed home last night, and then got up early this morning, and carried on knitting. In fact if I’d done that I would have finished by now. But instead my sister came over and we went, with W, to our favourite club night, stayed out dancing till 2am then came home for chipvan chips and cheese and episodes of How I Met Your Mother. And this morning we chatted, I got her advice about the secret project, and then we made Calzones from scratch.

Now she’s back home, and I’m utterly wiped. In fact I’m probably going to go to bed pretty soon since there is lots to do tomorrow.

I’m glad I entered the knitting olympics. If anyone asks I say I did it for the experience so that I could come back in 2010 and get gold. 😉

I’ll probably get the sock done in the next couple of days, since i really want to get it finished for W, and so that I can start on a fresh new project or two. I might play around with that cashmere sock yarn I bought, or the stuff I dyed. Anyways as soon as it’s done I’ll post pictures.

Congratuations to everyone who got gold! You did good. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Knitting Olympics: Undone

  1. Dancing until 2 am with a sister and episodes of “How I met your Mohter,” (Isn’t Neal Patrick Harris hilarious?) always trump knitting. Good choice!

  2. Sounds like you had some pretty good reasons not to finish…sisters are the best! I just plain ran out of time myself 🙂

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