Keeping things simple…

I started writing a very complicated post that contained too many things.

So complicated that I gave up and walked away.

However if I do that then it will be another few days away from the blog, and frankly I’ve been away for too long as it is.

And I have lots to say…

So – keeping it simple – I’ll split what I was going to say into two posts.

Firstly we all have the lurgy here, except for lovely little LR (aka no2.). So things are all over the place at our house right now.

But hopefully in a few days we will be fine. In the meantime there is alot of calpol and calprofen being consumed here.

However there is also a great soup which I will try and post about in a few days, since it’s a huge hit in our house, and might be good for your house too.

HOWEVER – however what I really came here to say is that LR is 8 weeks old tomorrow (!! already!)

Look how much she has changed:

LR at very nearly 8 weeks

(And now I think I’ll go and eat a mince pie, and write up the other half of what I was going to say which I can post tomorrow.)

(And I need to start writing my christmas cards.)

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