Images from Christmas: Part 6 (The one that got away.)

Advent Mits WIP

My plan back in October was to knit tiny mittens as an advent calendar for FB. However what with house selling stuff, and then most of November being taken up with illnesses of one sort or another, I got to ten (and a bit) mitts and realised that it wasn’t sensible to run myself into the ground for something that FB wasn’t old enough to understand.

At that point I was doing it for me, and I was fine with letting it go for this year.

That said I really should take some time over this winter to get them finished and packed away ready for next December. So I’m going to leave them in an obvious place to nudge me to get it done.

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2 thoughts on “Images from Christmas: Part 6 (The one that got away.)

  1. Yay for you for letting it go and just planning on having it done next year. You are exactly right it’s not worth running yourself into the ground. Just think how much more fun it will be working on them where the deadline is not imminent.

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