Images from Christmas: Part 1

Christmas 2009

We opted to have the small tree again this year – FB is very curious, and into everything and I felt it was better for all of us to keep the living room as toddler friendly as possible.

I love having the mixture of decorations from both my childhood and W’s:

  • – the candle figures on the left of the tree are ones that I’ve grown up with
  • – the rabbit was on granny’s tree and was my uncles when he was little
  • – the santa next to the rabbit was occasionally on the top of the tree when I was small
  • – the smaller santa is from W’s mum
  • – the winter figures on the right of the tree W grew up with

The tree itself is one that my mum got for me when I was 20 and couldn’t get time off from my retail job to come home for christmas. Oooh and the angel at the top is also a family decoration from W’s side.

A lovely mixture.

(And the hippo card on the far right was designed and illustrated by W’s dad. We have a collection of them. 🙂

More tomorrow…

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4 thoughts on “Images from Christmas: Part 1

  1. Lovely tree! For Laurie we had a “just with one finger” rule for touching the ornaments which seemed to work quite well – this is also now the rule for things in shops!

  2. Beautiful, I love old ornaments. We have several from grandparents, great grandparents, even great,great grandparents. I love looking at them and explaining where they come from to the children.

    1. It’s a part of christmas i think I love most of all – bringing out all of the things that have come before and mixing them into our lives today. 🙂

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