Huge Sandwich…


Sometimes you go to the local farmers market and are overcome with the need to bring home a giant cottage loaf, and fill it full of onions and mushrooms, and tomatoes, and swiss cheese and bake it in the oven for half an hour, and then marvel at the huge sandwich you have created, and then manage to eat half said sandwich over the two remaining meals of the day.

And by you I mean Will (who ate his half in one sitting, because he has hollow legs – and a flat stomach. 😉

And by you I also mean me (who ate it over two meals, and thought it was amazing.)

Hopefully the shop will open in the next 24 hours. However in the meantime I’m going to go buy a new housephone, since you have to punch ours to have any hope of hearing the person at the other end, and then I’m dropping in to Felix‘s Craftanoons so that I can baby the autumn cold that is threatening to take me over, and finish the first of my minimalist cardie sleeves.

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