Home again, home again…

Sunset over the allotment

The Shop is now back open!

We’re home, after a wet week in Padstow, to find out that Oxford had one of it’s best weeks of weather so far this year!

However I am not disheartened. I have FOs to share, have read inspiring books, and feel set to get on with the rest of 2008! There is lots to do.

For now I’ll leave you with two delicious things:

Orangette‘s Butterscotch Pots, which I am a little in love with at the moment, (they look faffy, but really aren’t and regardless, they are so worth the effort.)


My friend Mootthings, who writes posts exactly the way she tells stories out loud. (If you don’t get to hear about her adventures over knitting, drinks and bowls of chips on a wednesday, you can read about them instead.)

More later, (after washing and cooking, sleep and catching up on the Tour de France. Go Millar! You argyle crazy boy!)

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