Home Ed Voices Podcast – Season 1 Episode 9 – Tanya Tucker (@HappyHandley)

Home Ed Voices Podcast Episode 9 - @HappyHandley HomeEdVoicesPodcast - A podcast where home educators tell us about their home ed adventures in the UK.

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The Home Ed Voices Podcast is a UK-based Home Education Podcast that profiles the lives of home ed families.  You can find out more about the podcast here.

This week I am talking to Tanya Tucker from @HappyHandley. We talk about how spending all your time together can be really lovely, and how much more there is to know about your children, plus trying to keep a well used house working smoothly.

Show Notes:

You can find Tanya at Happyhandley.com or as @HappyHandley on facebook, instagram and @HappyHandley1 on twitter.

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One thought on “Home Ed Voices Podcast – Season 1 Episode 9 – Tanya Tucker (@HappyHandley)

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast with happy Handley. It is true that as a parent you tend to think that you need to be a qualified teacher to teach your children and yet that is what you have been doing since the moment of their birth.
    To be able to teach in a relaxed way at their own pace, and yours, makes much more sense really.
    Thank you for sharing that you can help your children learn all that they need to know, especially in their younger years, through play, home experiments, visits to stately homes and such, and not just by sitting at a desk with pen & paper.

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