Home Ed Voices Podcast – Season 1 Episode 7 – Kate

Home Ed Voices Podcast Episode 7 - Kate HomeEdVoicesPodcast - A podcast where home educators tell us about their home ed adventures in the UK.

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The Home Ed Voices Podcast is a UK-based Home Education Podcast that profiles the lives of home ed families.  You can find out more about the podcast here.

This week I’m talking to Kate.

We talk about videogames and how they can be a gateway to literacy. How it all counts, not just the stuff that looks the most like school, and how you can structure your yearly plan to protect your mental health. Unfortunately, when we recorded this interview in the spring I had a bad throat and so sound really gravely, so sorry about that.

Show Notes:

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One thought on “Home Ed Voices Podcast – Season 1 Episode 7 – Kate

  1. Loved this episode. Some great recommendations for resources and books. It was also interesting to get some insight into Home Schooling across the pond. I really found the comments on he merits of videogames useful and the comments on mental health and wellbeing. One of our drivers to Home Ed is to nourish our sons and focus on his emotional well-being (not something they have time for in school) so this was interesting and I too have challenges so I think it is great to be flexible and know that thats OK too. Thanks.

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