Getting Ready for Christmas – Three Days of Squares Day 1/3

(Disclaimer: Yes – I know! It’s August, and I’m talking about Christmas. But I’ve been here before – once No2 arrives in mid-October, I won’t want to be trying to deal with Christmas when I could be spending time with FB and our new born.

Plus last time it took 7 weeks for breastfeeding to be properly established, and while I hope that doesn’t happen again this time around – that would likely take us very close to the festive season.

So I’m doing lots of things for Christmas and FB’s second birthday now.)

On Sunday I managed to get some sewing time, and knocked three items off my ‘to do before October’ list.

Yes that was very satisfying.

Amusingly they’re all squares, and they’re all for No2 so I thought I’d give them their own tiny series.

First off…

Getting ready for Christmas: Play Squares for No2

Some Play Squares designed by Made By Joel – a wonderful, simple toy that should keep No2 happy once they start to really grab at things. 🙂

Getting ready for Christmas: Play Squares for No2

(They need a good iron – but that will have to happen later.)

I love the slightly wonkiness of them – I think it adds to their charm, and makes for some relatively mindless sewing.

Getting ready for Christmas: Play Squares for No2

I couldn’t resist adding a bit of the duck fabric in there – so obviously there had to be a blue duck to find. 🙂

More tomorrow…

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