FO: Tatami

Finished Tatami

Tatami by Melissa Wehrle (Sundara Yarns)

My Ravelry Post: here
Yarn: 21st Century Yarns 4ply in Moss
Needles: 3.75mm
Notes: The only changes I made were to leave off the ties, and to add a garter edging to the front, since it turned out a little bit smaller than I was expecting. It fits great though. In fact I’m wearing it right now.

The only other thing is that the 4ply is naturally really sticky and didn’t want to drop at all, which meant I had to drop all the stitches myself by hand, which took quite a long time. It was totally worth it though, since the colours are superb.

tatami swatch

Conclusion: I really love this cardigan. I really do think that 21st Century Yarns produce some of the best varigated yarns in the country, and now it’s proved it’s stickiness I’m tempted to use it for a pattern that needs steeking. At some point.

move katie move!

In other news I finished the barbara shawl for my grandmother’s birthday (late next month) and have started a DK version of the Henry scarf for my grandfather. So as soon as I can sort out a camera with more than a slither of battery I’ll post photos of them.

I also cast on a Elizabeth Zimmerman Hybrid Jumper in Garthenor Jacob aran yarn in black (it’s actually more of a very dark brown.) I only cast on for it yesterday afternoon, and in my usual amount of knitting time, I’ve already knitted 7″. Having rarely knit with anything heavier than dk I’m shocking and a little thrilled!

i <3 aran

Thus I’m planning to keep a close knitting diary to see how long it takes to knit up:

Day 1: Body 7″. I’m already on my third ball (of 14), and the body is only 136 st in the round.

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One thought on “FO: Tatami

  1. Awesome!
    It’s so great to see a post about the Tatami and it looks gorgeous in your photos. I shall be investing in loads of 21st century yarn once I’ve used up all my stash!!!!
    Big love

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