FO – Oxford Kitchen Yarns Aran – Sleep Sack

Oxford Kitchen Yarns Aran Yarn - Sleep Sack

As I promised last week, here is the project for No2 that I’ve been knitting in Oxford Kitchen Yarns.

Oxford Kitchen Yarns Aran Yarn - Sleep Sack

It’s a Sheepy Sack (my ravelry linkpattern link) – a wool sleep sack that you use as a warm layer, and nappy cover in one.

I’m interested in giving some wool wraps a go this time round, as well as the PUL ones we use with FB. This should allow us to change nappies easily in the night, and keep No2 nice and warm (very important given that our new house is likely to be quite draughty this winter.

It was a great, quick knit, and it was lovely to see what the yarn would do. (Being 100% British Bluefaced Leicester it should work really well for this, and lanolize like a dream.) I’m really happy that decided to dye semi-solids rather than varigated. Varigated is great, but I really love the effect you get with a good semi-solid. It’s the sort of dyed yarn I go back to again and again, and it’s very versatile.

Anyway there is still some left in the shop, and all the aran currently available is still on sale.

In other news Cirus was mentioned in Whip Up today as part of their Knit for Baby post!

I have had a few questions about Cirus in the last couple of months, which I hadn’t managed to get to due to the move etc. I’m really sorry if you’re one of the people waiting for a reply. I’ll get things sorted soon, and also put all the information into a post here, and on the ravelry page, so that it’s available for everyone.

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