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lengthways scarft on me.

Lengthways Garter Stitch Scarf by Me

My Ravelry Post: here
Yarn: Mobair by Victoria Smedley baby alpaca and silk – about 200g
Needles: 4mm
Pattern: With something this simple it became all about the details. So: Long tail cast on, 380st. Garter back and forth till it was as wide as I wanted it, and I was running out of yarn, and then a sewn cast off, so that the cast on and cast off edges were identical. (As previously posted, the cast off took FOREVER but looks fabulous.)

rolled up with a pipe cone

Conclusion: After blocking this scarf ended up about 12″ longer than I was expecting. This is no bad thing, since I love to wrap my scarves around and around and around. HOWEVER it has forced me to start washing my swatches before I measure them, if I’m all chance of getting an accurate gauge, which was something I really did need to learn.

But yeah – I’m loving what finally feels like an indian summer after months of rain, and grey skies, but once it’s gets cooler this is going to be the staple scarf of the year I think.

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