FO: Framed Blanket

ETA: The pattern is now available for free here!

Framed Blanket

FO: Framed Blanket by Me
My Ravelry Post: here
Yarn: Sirdar Peru Naturals 5x50g balls, Turquoise-Brown (not that you can tell that from most of the photos. I probably should have opened the red curtains before I took the picture. *facepalm*) But basically any chunky single ply would work really well.
Approximate Cost: Just under £20, not including needle.
Needles: 8mm

Finished Size: Approximately 40″x34″

Framed Blanket

I really love that the blanket is reversable. Especially when it’s blocked, the ‘wrong side’ takes on a very similar look to the right side. And since the edging is knitting on, all the way around, (and garter stitch), there aren’t any raised seam edges or whatever that give away which is specifically the back and which is the front.

Framed Blanket

Notes: I have sleeping bags for the bump when it arrives but last week it suddenly occured to me that we would probably still find a blanket useful, for travelling, or napping, or when out and about. And I hadn’t actually bought any waffle blankets (which is kind of ridiculous given that I have full sized version for our bed, and single bed versions for around the house! But anyways…)

Plus I was in the mood to crank out a chunky blanket, and I’d spotted, and been really impressed by, Sirdar Peru, which is both wooly, and squishy.

Framed Blanket

Conclusion: At some point in the future (and I have added it to my ‘To Do’ list and everything!), I’ll try to sort out a PDF and make the pattern a free download, since it’s a quick-to-knit, useful pattern, and I’m pretty proud of it. 🙂

Framed Blanket

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9 thoughts on “FO: Framed Blanket

    1. Thank you! i’m definately planning to try and get one sorted out, once things quieten down here next week (assuming that the bump stays where it is for now. 😉

  1. That’s gorgeous! I’m familiar with knitting-on a border (are the corners short-rows of garter-stitch?), but what’s the stitch you used for the central panel? It looks fabulous – really 3D!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you! You’re very kind.

      The pattern is a brioche pattern that I saw being used for a jumper in IK. It’s all knit stitched, but every other stitch on every other row is knit in the row below, which gives the waffle effect.

      actually i’ve just made the pattern into a pdf, so the stitch pattern is available there for you to play with. 🙂

      Yes, the corners are short row garter, with a yarn over edging. 🙂

  2. Yes please,I’d love to have that pattern. When you use it for your baby, remember to check that her/his fingers don’t get caught in the holey bits. That said, I shan’t hesitate to knit it for the next small person that comes my way.It will be light, warm and very pretty.

    1. Hi Tessa,

      I’ve just put the pattern up as a pdf on the blog. 🙂

      Yes, i was thinking the same thing about the holes. I’m planning to fold the front border over so that bump doesn’t get a face (and as you say – hands!) full of lace.

      Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  3. I am knitting your framed blanket and absolutely love it. My question is, when knitting the side borders after the body is knit, how do I knit directly onto the edge. Do I pick up stitches first along edge or is there a different technique? Thanks in advance. Mary Stanley

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