FO: Finished Bee Stole

Finished Bee Stole

Bee Stole by Anne Hanson
My Ravelry Post: here
Yarn: Jaeger Baby Merino 4ply, that we got while we were on holiday earlier in the year. I had 4 balls, and used about 3 1/2 in total.
Needles: 4mm addi lace. <3
Notes: I cut the width of the stole down by two repeats, which worked out well mathematically, and meant there wasn’t really any serious fudging to do. It was exactly the knit I needed – always interesting, and with lots of mid-points to aim for, which is probably why it knit up so quickly.

Hopefully my mum will like it, and find it useful, but either way I’ll find out when I see her this weekend. 🙂

PS. The camera is back! So there should be a shop update next week. 😀

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7 thoughts on “FO: Finished Bee Stole

  1. The stole is lovely and the lace is shown off really well in that wool. I’m sure your mum will love it!

    I like knitting patterns like that, where there are different lace patterns to keep you interested.

  2. as in, that’s amazingly gorgeous, not that it’s amazing that it’s gorgeous lol

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